Sunday, May 7, 2017



Hari Ahad, 30 April 2017 hari paling bersejarah,
Buat empat puteri Salleh Khir Hajah Rodziah,
Dengan kehadiran Saif Adam di bumi Kedah,
Puteri bongsu bersyukur dinaikkan darjah,
Dapat menyertai elitisme Mak Tok dengan mudah,
Kalut mengawasi cucu dengan penuh gundah,
Kini di alam maya kurang rancak bermadah.

30 April 2017, keempat puteri mengorak langkah,
Sepakat berkenduri kesyukuran penuh barakah,
Setelah hasrat arwah Abang terlaksanalah sudah,
Jemputan pewaris Saad Ekong dan Luang Nara Borirak,
Bertahlil untuk arwah Nari, Abang, bapak dan Ibu Hajah Rodziah,
Serta pewaris Saad Ekong dan Luang Nara Borirak,
Yang kini tenang bersemadi di alam barzakh,
Agar sentiasa dicucuri rahmat oleh Allah,
Ditempatkan bersama para syuhada di jannah.  

Sepupu sepapat tersenyum kambing,
Yang belum mahu berkahwin,
Contohilah mentor hebat Alin,
Membesar anak-anak penuh disiplin,
Anak digendong selembut alunan seruling.

Kepada sepupu sepapat yang masih menanti,
Jangan jemu memohon rahmat Illahi,
Semoga Allah menganugerahkan rezeki,
Balik Aloq Setaq kita buat kenduri.

Sunday, February 14, 2016



Since my blood test results on 11th. October 2015 diagnosed my Total Prostatic Specific Antigen (PSA) has reached 10.2v and my kidney Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)  has decreased to 32 ml/min which if left unchecked could lead to kidney failure, I took the drastic approach in changing to alkaline diet  while  abstaining from consuming my normal protein intake.  The result of my 360 % turn diet approach was very encouraging as on 13th December 2015, my PSA level has decreased to 7.8 v and my GFR has increased to 37 ml/min. 

My extreme diet affirmative action has taken its toll on my personal overall health condition whereby I did not have the energy and strength   to join in any family gathering whose duration lasted more than  an hour.  As such, I could not participate in our traditional dinner at Nasi Royale Hijau Kuning on Christmas night.  Since Abang is not with us anymore, I took the liberty to finance the dinner just for the sake of keeping the memory of Abang aglow. However I was very gratified  that all the descendants of Md. Salleh Khir/Rodziah Yaacob even to the third generation group has really enjoyed their sumptuous Nasi Royale dinner  which  indirectly kept the legacy of Abang’s indulgence on the matter of Nasi Mamak Aloq  Setaq alive and thriving.  
Surprisingly  on Saturday 26th. December 2015, it was indeed of an honour for me to receive the  formal visit of the second and third generation descendants of Hajah Rodziah at my humble adobe at Pumpong. It was a very heart warming visit from my  two nephews’ families from Putrajaya and Selangor. I presumed that their main purpose was not just paying homage to their elders but instead it might be a ploy just to ascertain whether my health predicaments were really genuine or otherwise.   By the time of their arrival, I have managed to reduce my weight of 102 kilos to 80 kilos which indirectly reduced my BMI to 29 for the first time in 30 years.  Judging from their positive responses especially from the acclaimed senior Petronas Auditor, I think it was very safe indeed to assume that I have passed my acid  test with flying colours. 

It was indeed a golden opportunity for me to pass on my health experience to Alun who is my ardent follower in the field of gout.  Since Alun is touching 40 years, I did  really wish that Alun would immediately cease to be my ardent follower in that specific field of endevour  and adhere strictly to anti gout diet and refrain from repeating my folly for the last 30 years.  My chattering on my personal health experiences to my children has received lukewarm responses from them.  Although they would listen to my health conscious chattering, except from my youngest son, the other two did not seemed serious in pursuing the correct ideal healthy life styles. 

I was very pleased with the exultant experience I received from Alun and his entourage.  I did not mind whether their positive responses were really genuine or just only a pseudo reaction. We cannot predict the future nor can we  undo the past, mistakes were made which formed regrets and turn into experiences.  It is only after being through the storm that we can truly appreciate the sunshine.   I do really hope that Alun could enjoy his sunshine throughout the next 30 years if he chooses not to repeat my mistakes for the last 30 years. 

I am  very grateful to the blessings of Allah SWT for granting me the privilege to feel the  breeze of entering the septuagenarian group at the end of the year.   When you are on the verge of joining the age group, the  Story Teller column by Mustapha Kamil published in  the New Straits Time  on 13th. January 2016 edition titled When you are old did really touched my conscience deeply.  Lessons in life are in abundance around us, but only if we sometimes stop and listen. For the benefit of the senior members of the whats app group, I humbly enclose  the excerpts from the  Story Teller column of the New Straits Time:

“When you are old, spend as much time as possible with your other half.  Remember, one of you will most likely leave first and the one left behind will only have memories to cherish.

 When you are old, there will come a time when getting to your front door will be a challenge. So while you still can, visit as many places as possible.

When you are old, stop worrying about your children.  They will make their own fortunes.  Just make sure you have settled all your dues before you go so they will not have  to bear any and that you will be able to leave without regret.

When you are old, seize every opportunity to be with old friends, former classmates and former colleagues.  There will be fewer such opportunities as time goes by. Running water does not flow back and so it is with life.

When you are old, treat sickness with optimism.  Whether you are rich or poor, every one goes through the process of birth, aging, sickness and death.  There are no exceptions.  That is life. “

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice. It is absolutely  up to you to make the right choice when you reach the golden age of being old. It is solely your choice and I have tried my very best to emulate the five principles when you are old.  To reduce stress in your old age, you may start Juicing For Health and achieve happiness by adopting  such  positive measures:   
Think less, feel more
Frown less. Smile more,
Talk less, listen more,
Judge less, accept more,
Complain less, appreciate more,
Fear less, love more. 

The visit from Alun and his entourage who are famous with their obsession of perfect precision planning has really sparked the adrenalin in me to write this column (after a lapse 3 years) exclusively for those who feel  that they are getting old physiologically. Thank you Alun for the relapse.

Sincerely from setaliboy who is already touching 70 years old and still without any smartphone to whats app.